25 Meter underwater SHIPWRECK PHOTOSHOOT will take your breath away.. LITERALLY

Models dive 25 meters to an underwater shipwreck in bali to take one of the most amazing photoshoots ever.
Benjamin Von Wong, known for his complex and powerful images.

His style of taking photographs includes turning his models into creatures of other worlds and will leave everyone in awe.

So it's not a surprise anymore that he aced the underwater photoshoot.

Vong once said on his blog that it was his dream to shoot underwater. But not just underwater, he wanted it to be in a level that nobody expected.

He didn't did the shoot in a pool. Instead he did in a SHIPWRECK. Even without license in diving, he felt that he is a strong enough swimmer to do the shoot. Besides, he had underwater shoot experiences before and that's enough for him to do the Underwater Photography.

While on a vacation in Bali, he picked out a crew of experienced divers, underwater photographers, and free divers and set up a photoshoot 25 meters under the ocean in an old sunken shipwreck off the coast.

 Absolutely stunning!
The amount of work and dedication can be seen on the outcome of the photos. It's safe to say that Benjamin Von Wong is one of the world's best and dedicated photographer there is.


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