FALSE MIRACLE: 3 year old baby girl who is believed to be resurrected is still dead

FALSE MIRACLE: 3 year old baby girl who is believed to be resurrected 

The news about a 3 year old baby that was supposed to be buried on July 12 and allegedly moved her head and fingers and is believed to be resurrected went viral this morning (July 14)

The Video (Click here to watch) of the 3 year old girl being carried by her Grand Father out of her coffin went viral on Facebook with the title "3 years old wakes up on her own funeral" and spread like wild fire.

Believing that she was resurrected, the family of the child brought her home and gave her baby milk. 

According to the mother, the 3 year old child was sick for 2 weeks and had died of bronchial pneumonia last Thursday, July 10 2014.

According to her, the baby "moved" her head and fingers during the mass last Saturday that's why they postponed the burial of the child.

Wena said Fr. Nilo Tabaña of San Isidro Parish Church advised them to bring the baby home, but the priest denied the statement.

The mother admitted that they consulted a witch doctor/quack doctor(Albularyo) and he advised them to not bury the child yet for she still have pulse. Thus giving them hope that the baby was still alive.

 Health officer Mary Silyne Cabahug showed the mom a cardiac monitor that showed the baby had no pulse. It is dead. Lifeless on Monday, Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur municipal

The family is advised to bury the child for it is starting to decomposed and smell.

The family is thinking of burying the poor child within a week.

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