Kathryn Bernardo before nose surgery comparison?

Kathryn Bernardo before nose surgery comparison?

The pictures above spread like wildfire after someone captioned it "Kathryn Bernardo Before and after nose job" 

Timing with the issue of Jane's statement "No comment" on PBB regarding Kathryn Bernardo's surgical enhancements, the picture above caught the public's attention and was used to make the public believe that Kathryn Bernardo did undergo on cosmetic surgeries. Can we confirm these allegations by simply comparing a picture of a celebrity without makeup and another picture of her with full make up for a photo shoot? Of course not. And even if it's true that Kathryn Bernardo did undergo on medical procedures, people must be open to the fact that the young actress works on a field that requires you to look good and feel confident in front of the camera.


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  1. right! malaki talaga ang nagagawa ng make up para baguhin ang mukha ng tao.

  2. Ever heard of "Nose contouring"? Why compare a photo of her with and without makeup, does not prove a point there..

  3. first pic is edited. kathryn didnt undergo in any surgery. she just bloomed.

  4. i agree pics are edited. Katryn did not undergo ANY surgery. I've been watching her since bata pa and i really like her nose. she is beautiful with her simplicity, the way she carry her self in public. She bloomed. And pag 20 yrs old and above na sya mas lalo pa syang gaganda. Binabatikos sya o they are making issues now kasi because of what she have right now. Some people comparing her with other girls in the showbiz which is not fair and good. Every person has their uniqueness. Siguro kung sinuman gumawa at nag edit nyan grabe ang insecurities kung sinoman idol nya.

  5. Hahaha, pag tards talaga bulag-bulagan. Explore lang kayu online pictures nya nun preteens siya, di lang etong picture makapag-patunay, I already saw at least 3 of her photos, it's obvious she did something on her nose. Hindi yan simpleng contouring lang, lumapad ang nose bridge at mas naging well defined. Mukhang nagpa-rhinoplasty.
    Grabeh, lantaran pa nitong dineny on national tv her nose is natural, what a big Lie, what a Fake; all along Jane Oineza was persecuted pero tama pala siya!
    [-( :-? :-b

    1. Isa pa, 18yrs old lang pala siya ha, her vanity or vain (excessive pride on one's appearance, conceited) seems to have started way earlier. Masyado pang bata sa mga ganyang plastic surgeries, di ba dapat pang mga matrona or those aging 40s & above lang ang mga ganyan. Mukha tuloy insecure sa mga mestiza in showbiz!