Married Chinese Man Learns That he is actually a Female and His Stomach Ache is Caused by her PERIOD

Married Chinese Man Learns That he is actually a Woman and His Stomach Ache is Caused by her PERIOD

Talk about SHOCKING NEWS. 44 year old Chinese man went to his doctor with his wife for a check up due to his extreme stomach ache. Doctors are shocked when they discovered a full female reproductive organs and a PENIS.
Although the man is married and enjoys his sex life with his wife, or should I say.. HER WIFE.

 Mr Chen had known from the start that something was wrong with him after he found himself constantly feeling fatigued with swollen face and legs.
Even worse, he constantly finds blood in his urine.
A CT scan soon revealed that he had a uterus and ovaries.

a chromosome examination showed that Mr Chen had a pair of XX sex chromosomes. Which makes him a female genetically.

Mr Chen was also suffering from Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, a genetic disease that causes the adrenal glands to swell due to a decrease in stress hormone and an increase in male sex hormones.
A lump was later surgically removed from his adrenal glands.

This type of medical case is extremely rare and doctors have not confirmed whether Mr Chen was a hermaphrodite or intersex. But he did appear to have two types of genitalia.

Doctors said it was too late for Mr Chen to seek medical treatment for his unusual problem as it was only effective for younger people.

The condition of being 'Intersex' affects one in every 2,000 births in the UK (although figures may be much higher) and there are an estimated 30,000 intersex people in the UK.

There are several known abnormalities that can lead to specific sexual ambiguity.

So called 'XX male syndrome' occurs in people who have two X chromosomes - one of which contains a significant amount of genetic material from a Y chromosome.
These people appear to be male, but are, in fact, genetically female. Typically, they will possess male sex organs, but these will often be underdeveloped.
They will also often develop breasts and maintain a high-pitched speaking voice.

In fact, biologists now recognize a host of conditions, both genetic and otherwise, which are labelled under the umbrella term 'inter sex' - which replaces older terms such as 'hermaphrodite'.
Intersex people may be genetically female, but physiologically male. Some will be true hermaphrodites, producing both eggs and sperm.

Source: DailyMail

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