With a knife piercing through her head, woman goes to hospital CALM AND ALERT

With a knife piercing through her head, woman goes to hospital CALM AND ALERT

A hospital in China was in shocked after a woman walked in with a knife impaled in her head.

57-year-old Liu Yanya have accidentally been impaled with an 11cm cutting instrument after a fall at their home in Changchun, capital of northeast China’s Jilin Province, the UK’s Metro newspaper reported

Wang Xue (Lui's Daughter) reported that she heard a loud noise and when she ran towards the noise, she saw her mother under the stairs with A KNIFE ON HER HEAD. JESUS CHRIST!

The knife pierced through the mother's skull with only the black handle visible. But shockingly, Lui is still alive, and was still able to walk and talk despite the shocking injury. Lord talk about shocking things.

The doctors are shocked when Lui walked in on the hospital with the knife impaled on the woman's head, they found it very unbelievable.

 “The more amazing thing is when the patient came in. She was still in a clear mind, and could walk and speak.” Said by Chief surgeon Sun Yang, the doctor who removed the blade from Liu’s skull.

The only sad news about the happening is that the daughter of Lui and her husband Sun Zhonghua are compelled to sell their house to pay the medical bills.

These are the x-ray pictures and other images of Lui's accident

X-ray of Lui's head with the knife impaled

11cm knife removed from her head

Lui at the hospital

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  1. Impossible. You can clearly see that the knife is supposedly stabing right through the cerebrum and barely missing the brain stem. [-( :-b

    1. It should have killed the person already and had covered her bandages in blood. :-t

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.