CHOCOLATE: Oldest woman alive (127 years old) reveals her secret for a longer life!

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Leandra Becerra Lumbreras

Oldest woman alive turned 127 this just today! August 31. And her relatives revealed her secret to a long life. CHOCOLATES

Yes, our guilty pleasure might be the secret to immortality (Just kidding), Leandra was 66 when Queen Elizabeth ascended the British throne and 82 when a man first stepped on the moon.

According to her family, eating well, chewing on chocolate and remaining unmarred is the secret of Leandra. 

Leandra, a former seamstress from western mexican city Zapopan had 5 children, which she have burried and other several grandchildren.

According to Guinness, Lumbreras is 12 years older than Japan’s Misao Okawa, currently the oldest documented living person in the world.

And as to the benefits of chocolate on a person's life, some proven facts on dark chocolates include
-high nutritional value, 
-good source of antioxidants, 
-lowers blood pressure, 
-improves important risk factors for disease, 
-lower cardiovascular disease, 
-protects skin against the sun, 
-and improves brain function.

But take chocolates in moderation, for everything excessive can be crucial to your health. (fact)

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