Ramon Bautista, blasted by the Dutertes after calling women in Davao City "HIPON"

Ramon Bautista, blast by the Dutertes after calling women in Davao City "HIPON"

Ramon Bautista: Photo from Phil. Daily Inquirer

Ramon Bautista is facing a lot of hate 'til this day after saying "Ang damin hipon dito sa davao!" in a rave party during the celebration of Kadayawan Festival on Saturday. After the remark, he had the people chanting "Hipon" and the Duterte Family was not amused.

“Hipon” or shrimp, based on the philippine "Urban Dictionary" is a term used when a person is only attractive from the neck down.

Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, who was present during the party, reprimanded Bautista later that night.

This prompted Bautista to go back on stage and apologize.

“I’m here in front of you to say my apologies because sinabi ko maraming hipon dito. Nahihiya po ako sa inyo kasi you welcomed me here in your beautiful city,” The Internet Action Star said

It was reported that the crowd had mixed reactions.

Former Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte expresses her annoyance of Ramon Bautisita  to her facebook account saying "Attended this Kadayawan Invasion and heard this (Ramon Bautista) guy say “hipon” ang mga babae sa Davao,"

She also urged city councilors on her Facebook friends list to ban Bautista in the city.

And said that the councilors will be doing disservice to women all over. 
The former mayor even said to Ramon Bautista that he is only a visitor and he needs to show some respect.\

"P at F to you Ramon Bautista! Bisita ka lang, gumalang ka!"

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