3 year old called 911 and threw the phone inside the room where his mom is being abused

A toddler called 911 and struggled to report an emergency because he is crying and could barely speak fluently by his age.
Being only 3 years old, the child struggles to report the emergency fluently to the operator.
The kid saved his mother's life after calling the cops and throwing the phone inside
the room where her mother is being domestically abused by husband.

Actual phone conversation

"You've reached 911, what's your emergency?"

"Mr. Officer, something is wrong with daddy"

"How old are you?"

"I'm 3, Mr. officer please come over"

"Can you tell Mr. officer what is happening there?"

(The kid then threw the phone inside the room where his father is shouting and beating up his mother)

The operator clearly heard the father of the child shouting "You filthy f***king Wh*re" and heard loud slaps and furniture breaking, he then quickly track the house and send polcie officers right away after he heard the man saying "I'll f*cking kill that bastard son of yours"

"Okay little fella, Mr. Officer is on his way to help mommy"

The police arrived and found the child sitting in the corner scared and crying.
Officers saved her gruesomely beaten mother and quickly arrested the husband.
The mother of the child says that she tought her son to call the number whenever something bad happens.
Thr toddler will be test for any traumatic damge

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