Biggest booger ever pulled out of a human nose!

Viral video of a massive booger being pulled out of a guy's nose

One of those videos who give us some weird satisfaction. Taken from the weirdest part of youtube!
The world record of what's supposed to be the biggest booger ever pulled out of a human nose!
A booger the size of a tampon. People are too curious of the man's health and how it got to the point where it has to be extracted by the doctor.

Imagine the relief on the guy's part! Having to give birth to an actual being. The booger is so big that it has a health bar on top of it. I could almost feel the thing getting pulled out of my nose.

Questions has been asked. Is that really a booger? Booger on roids? How long does it take to grow such thing?

Does the booger's inside is a working nervous system? It's just so alarmingly big, which what makes the video one of the most interesting weird internet videos.

Watch the video!

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