"Do-It-Yourself Dental Braces" Ridiculous trend and why it should be avoided

Ridiculous "DIY" braces and why people must avoid it

Manila, Philippines – Do it yourself dental braces, one of the world's most stupid idea if you ever considered doing it.

Here in the Philippines, wearing dental braces is now considered to be a sign of wealth. Due to the price of having it done to your teeth. Knowing how much people here in the Philippines love to be part of trends and talk-abouts, some Filipinos find their way to catch up with the trend.

While these dental braces are being used by professionals to correct teeth imperfection, many people in our country, especially the youth, thinks that dental braces are cute and nerdy so they want it done to their teeth too even without that much teeth proportional problem.

Given that fact. It is also given that having dental braces would cost an individual a lot. So some people, mostly teenagers sought out some ways to catch up with that "High-profile, cute nerdy look".

And they found these "Do It Yourself" Dental braces on the internet online shops and online sellers. By how it is called is already an abomination and probably the worst idea you could think of. Not only that braces are supposedly done by a professional, the quality must be ensured in order for you to not mess your teeth up.

With these affordable DIY-Braces, it is quite sure that the braces comes with the lowest quality of braces possible. There is a reason why something like braces are expensive, it is done right and done with the right quality. 

Not only can these so called "DIY BRACES" Can destroy your teeth, it can also put you in danger.
2 Teenagers in Thailand died after having a thyroid infection caused by the cheap braces they bought, and eventually linked to heart failure.

And here is a screen-capture of  a guy's post on facebook about the risk of using these DIY Braces

So, for a healthy advice. Never trust something that says do it yourself if you know in the first place that there are people who studied for years just to make sure that a safe procedure happens.

Don't go by the trends, it might cost you your life.

Pictures Source: Viral4Real

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  1. Guys, I did a little bit of research of the picture. It did not really came from the DIY Braces. But it might be basketball because according to a post in reddit. It was posted in instagram over a year ago and the caption was "Ball is Life". Di ko alam na may DIY braces pala. haha! You can see the FULL PICTURE in the given source.

    Source : http://www.reddit.com/r/WTF/comments/1ffk1x/saw_this_on_instagram_caption_read_ball_is_lifei/

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