Most Polite Store Robbery Ever Caught on CCTV - [MUST MATCH]

Most Polite Store Robbery Ever Caught on CCTV 

A viral video is circulating around the internet lately which shows an armed man "Very Politely" robbing a store in a video entitled "Most Polite Store Robbery Ever Caught on CCTV" which was uploaded on February, 2011 and only got viral recently after a well-known website posted it and got passed around.

The robbery caught on CCTV broke the heart of many people, especially how the guy seems to be very sorry on what he was doing. People even said 

"You could hear in his voice that he doesn't like what he is doing"
"Imagine what kind of poverty the country is suffering to drive a man to rob a store for his family"

And other comments sympathizing for the said polite robber. Watch the video



The man used the same sob story to rob a Gas station 8 years prior to the said video.
Gregory Paul Hess told the guy from the gas station that he is out of work and needed money to buy food, rent for his family while wielding a gun. 
He also got arrested for series of bank robberies and is nicknamed "The Transaction Bandit"

So the so called "Polite Robber" people are breaking hearts for is actually just another criminal.
No matter how breaking and touching a story is, it is not really touching when the one who is telling the story is holding a gun. No matter how bad your situation is, a crime is a crime and we shouldn't sympathize easily just because of many deceiving acts we see. Especially on the internet.

Source: Seattle Times

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