What does extracting a 25 year old blackhead look like? WATCH THE VIDEO [MUST WATCH VIDEO]

A giant blackhead was extracted from a man's back. A 25 year old blackhead was so massive that it looked like a tree trunk when it came out. Blackheads are a mild type of acne that usually form on the face, but some people who have acne prone skin can develope them also on the chest, nect, back and shoulders.

Blackheads are formed when a clog pore developed an opening and can develope to big sizes if a person neglects to remove it.

Watch this video of a man getting a blackheads remove from his back the size of a finger!
Dermatologist do not really advise people to extract blackheads on their own. Especially with the size of the blackheads as big as the one below. For you may develop skin infection and worsen your case. Seek a dermatologist

Watch the video by clicking HERE!

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