True image of poverty: Filipina moms chugged a whole bottle of Emperador for 500 PESOS


A video went viral this week on philippines showing 3 women chugging down a known hard alcoholic drink "Emperador" for the prize of 500 pesos. If you are not aware,  having high dosage of alcohol on your blood can cause you ill depending on the severity, it can lead a person to a Coma, or even worse, death.

The video got shared a thousand times and thousands of coments from concerned netizens can be read on the said video. Others said that risking your health for 500 PESOS is stupidity. Others said that we should not judge them for we don't know what kind of poverty they are suffering to enter such competition.

The video may seem amazing to others, but this is not something you could really do to your body. 
You could almost feel the alcohol and dizziness affecting your body just by watching the 4 minute video. 
Please do not try this. Not because chugging down such drink isn't worthy of the 500 peso prize, But because risking your health, even life isn't worthy of any money price.

Watch the video ----> CLICK  HERE

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