THROW THIS GUY IN JAIL, Filipino guy teaches us how to drive like an...

Filipino guy made a tutorial on how to drive like a real d-bag

A video of a guy went viral today after Top Gear Philippines posted a video of his tutorial on how to do the "Beast-driving mode". The video shows us how to avoid the traffic jam using techniques that will seriously make other drivers go mad. Road-rage prone techniques consisting of being inconsiderate to other drivers just to get ahead.

The guy who calls himself as "Beast" outraged the netizens after uploading this "Tutorial Like" video. On his tutorial video, he waits for someone who will provoke him so he can apply his "gitgit" technique. And the targeted vehicle for this technique is a taxi driver. Aggressively, he drives pass ahead the one he said that provokes him and almost colliding with the said provoker.

When confronted, "Beast" responded in the most "Assh*le" way possible. 
"Ano bang problema mo? Gusto mo bang magka-problema?" (What's  your problem? Do you wanna have a problem?)
"May problema ba?" (Do you have a problem?)

This caused the rage of the netizens as the d-bag driver gives no respect to working motorists and when he got confronted he answered in the most ill-mannered way.

An open source told us that the guy in the video made an apology, It angered the netizens even more for he lied just to conceal his mistakes. Telling the public that he made the video few years back even though there are proof that the video was made just recently including the buildings on the video that was built last year.

You can watch the video here CLICK HERE

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