Seems like Philippines is slowly tolerating Teens in love, or should I say KIDS IN LOVE.
In this era of teens roaming around the earth with their raging hormones, raging teen pregnancy is also at present. But here in the Philippines, we aren't doing anything about these issues. Instead we are tolerating teenage love and prioritizing the publications of these so called "Kalandian" on television. You know what I'm talking about, the uncountable numbers of love stories published by profit hungry publishing corporations and even more profit hungry Filipino movie industry which feeds off their wallet using our youth's weakness. 

Not only these "Published Kalandians" are invading many industries, it has also invaded the children of the Philippines already.
We don't take this issue seriously because we are prioritizing some even more important issues like mourning for the fallen 44 while 444 thousands of our youth is slowly decaying and will continue to rot if we continue to tolerate and not educate them with proper sex ed and early family lessons inside a household.

A video of kids confessing love in the philippines has been spreading, it shows elementary students gathering around 2 other students, both are TODDLERS.

You can watch the video of the little boy's proposal by clicking --> HERE

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  1. i sometimes feel the same way as you do.. that the media is feeding off the innocents' idea of love. but i can very well remember that it was during those times of youth when there were those "kilig" moments, having crushes and looking forward to going to school to see my crush, that i consider to be one of the best years of my life. it was nice to look back at those times and to see love in a very hopeful and positive way.
    i think that this idea of romanticism instilled in the young minds, is what contributes to the fact that Filipinos can make their marriage last for a lifetime. it only gets sad when young teens become parents and have no idea how to raise their children.
    Our culture may seem to tolerate this kind of “kalandian” on the outside but I know that in the homes of these children and when they are in front of their relatives, the fear and shame of going farther than the “kilig” factor is very much enforced.
    The parents and the relatives have a subtle way of counteracting the widespread effects of “kalandian”.

  2. C'mon, guys. They are kids. They just need some guidance from their parents.