VIDEO: Reasons why asking a girl out in public is stupid and abusive

Is public display of affection romantic? Or stupid and abusive?

A very popular romance gimmick used by guys all over the world seems sweet when both sides have mutual feelings to one another, but what happens when a girl, a woman, or an entity with a vagina doesn't like the gimmick?

Here are my list of reasons why surprise public harana is STUPID AND ABUSIVE TO GIRLS

1.) Doing this stunt can cause pressure to a girl which can result to a not really sincere appreciation of your effort.

2.) If the girl is shy, IT IS ALREADY AN ABUSE.

3.) The girls who rejected your public display of affection will always be the one to be judged by the crowd, and sympathy will always go to the guy for his efforts. Which is unfair because she didn't ask for your public performance in the first place.

4.) A girl can also fake her response for your own dignity and then reject you in private, so this isn't really a very genius idea.

5.) If you get rejected in public, you will have the most embarrassing moment of your life and if your rejection went online the world will know about your rejection and judgmental freaks on social media will also devour the girl you like with comments like

"She is a b*tch for rejecting you!"

In some cases, this stunt is worth doing because some girls like this sh*t, 

If you want proof, you can watch a video of a guy getting rejected in public

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I get where you're coming from but don't say that doing this is stupid and abusive for girls. Don't you know it takes a huge amount of courage just to confess or show you feelings to someone, let alone doing it in front of your friends and the public. So let me breakdown and give opinion on your list.

    1.) Yes. Girls will feel the pressure but to what extent? She should have just ride along the gimmick and tell her side of the story. I'm sure everyone would understand if she just acted cool and not like a over dramatic "kala mo kung sinong maganda" type of person.

    2.) Did you even take into account if the guy is shy? What if the guy was also shy but just man up to say and show his feelings. Does that count as abusive towards men?

    3.)As I said in number 1, the girl could have just went along with the gimmick. If she kept her cool and acted in a sophisticated manner instead of acting what you've seen in the video.

    4.)Then so be it. That could have been a better option than what she did here. Guys will learn to accept that. Or better yet.. just say your true feelings up front instead of lying.

    5.) Well everyone knows the consequences of their action. I don't think there would be an issue if the girl just acted in a profane manner.

    This whole post is just plain sexist and one-sided because you didn't even take into account what the guy felt before and after this video. You shouldn't say what or what not to do.

    What if I tell you that guys courting girls is abusive to guys? Because guys all do the work and make all the first moves.. What will that make you feel?? Next time you post something.. THINK FIRST.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.