Viral Video: 10-11 year old Filipino kids getting DRUNK

A video has been spreading around facebook, a really controversial video that will alarm parents about what their child might be doing, a video showing group of kids DRINKING HARD DRINKS.

Some parents are worried of their kids getting bullied, getting into a fight, or being in an accident.
But there is one thing people are neglecting to see, the most horrible truth about the Philippine society, the easy access for any Alcoholic drinks to any age.

This video shows the ugly image of the Philippine youth, the ugly truth.

You can hear the little toddlers talking in the background

"Walang tama yan!" (Referring to the drink, saying the hard drink doesn't have any alcoholic kick)

Some people claims the video to be fake, but judging by the look of the kids' faces it makes us think otherwise.

You can watch the 6 minute full video by clicking HERE

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