VIRAL VIDEO: CHILD ABUSE, Dalawang bata pinag-aaway ng mga Magulang at matatanda

Is this the new style of parenting for the new generation?

A video of two little girls fighting by the command of a mother has been the talk of the social media.
The video will leave you speechless as the two kids fight like grown ups, what's more shocking is that one of the mother in the video orders her kid to continue the fight as the little girl begs to get out of the situation.

Even when the little girls are crying for the fight to stop, the mother of the 2 will pull their hair to encourage them to continue the fight.

There are a lot of disturbing elements that can be seen on the video. Like how the 2 fighting toddlers are surrounded by grown ups and instead of stopping the ruckus, the so called adults are encouraging the little girls and cheering them to hit one another.

The video has been spreading around the internet and has gotten a lot of views and shares the past few days.

To watch the cringe worthy video, CLICK HERE

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