ALARMING NEWS: Syringe with a note saying "Welcome to the HIV World" being injected in crowded areas

The alarming story of "Welcome to the HIV world" is now becoming a global scare

It first happened in the Philippines, after a student posted the sickest story ever to surface the media.

"I just heard the craziest, sickest, scariest thing so far in my young life. People, most especially students, know Recto as one of the busiest, most crowded places in Manila. A good market for cheap books, students flock to the area with hopes of saving money. But then after hearing this story, I don't know if the money's worth it.

An AMV student went to Recto to buy a book, and as she was walking with the crowd, she felt her arm grow a little heavier. When she looked to check, she saw a syringe plunged in her arm with a note that said "Welcome to the HIV world". At first, she thought it was nothing; a prank made by attention-seekers. 

After 6 months, she started feeling worn-out all day, frequent fevers and started having rashes.
She then remembers the what she thought was a prank, and then had herself tested. And the result was she was HIV postive.

It sounds like a horror story, I know. Almost unreal. But you can be sure I'll be keeping myself away from crowded places for awhile." 

A month after that story scared the philippine media, the same story have been surfacing globally. 
One story coming from thailand, the same thing happened except it's not in a crowded place. 

"I am really worried, I was walking home last night and there was this group of guys suddenly came out on my back, 2 dudes pinned me down and one injected me with something I hope wasn't true. A syringe was still piercing through my skin and it has a note saying "WELCOME TO THE HIV WORLD". Is this a funny prank nowadays because I  am really worried. I haven't got checked because the doctors said it takes 6 months to see the Symptoms and signs of HIV"

Posted last friday by Kylie Babayev.
HIV cannot be tested until 6 months of contraction and it is a very serious medical illness.
You can email ThePHnews for further information about the HIV scare.


Just this morning, after posting this article, a lot of emails coming from different countries telling similar stories of the HIV scare, it is not yet known if the HIV scare from other countries are one of these dark humor pranks or it's the same case with the Filipino student.

Source: Xolxol

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