Should Facebook ban overly religious comments coming from Filipinos?

It's spreading like herpes, What? These comments

"Malapit na talaga ang pag-huhukom, mga senyales nakikita na!"
(Judgment day is really coming, signs are already visible!) 

"End of the world, and Jesus is coming!"

"Magbabayad na kayo sa kasalanan niyo at paparating na ang diyos!"
(Pay for your sins because God is coming!)

These are just some of the comments of Filipinos on a video of a simple CLOUD FORMATION that naturally occurs whenever there is a tornado. And it's very annoying that these people turn some of natures most amazing moments into some biblical warning of God's rage and God's coming.

The only thing I hate about these people is that they never acknowledge that people have many beliefs and have different views about life and about what's right and wrong. 

Like this time when I saw an article saying that scientist have found a way to turn a sperm into an egg cell which can soon make possible for 2 males having a baby without a mother.

A very interesting discovery, but all fascination was destroyed by an insensitive religious comment saying

"Walang ginawang bakla ang diyos, respetuhin niyo naman ang bibliya"
(The lord never made GAY people, please respect the bible)

These people talk about respect without realizing that these religious comments are already a disrespect for people with different beliefs and for people without one.

BTW, that's a really good one liner. "Malapit na talaga ang pag-huhukom".
Whenever you see something you don't like on facebook, like your friend's Profile picture
"Malapit na talaga ang pag-huhukom"
"The lord is about to come"

To watch the video of the amazing cloud formation with the most stupid comments coming from filipinos, CLICK HERE

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