VIDEO: Russian Guy stomping an elderly on the face WENT VIRAL

A Russian guy stomping an elder woman's head went viral after a Filipino shared the video on facebook.

Here in the Philippines, we have a really good reputation of respecting the elders, especially our Grandmas and Grandpas. Just watching a young kid disrespecting the elderly with vulgar words will make us cringe. But what happens when we see a kid, hitting a lady to the floor, then stomped her head and kicked her unconscious? WE GO INSANE.

It's not a surprise that many Filipino Netizens went on a rage and wished to encounter the guy in the video and god knows what they want to do. Some said

"Are these Russian people on drugs?"
"Come here in my country and see what will happen."
"I want to punch the guy in the face, with a knife"
"T*ngina mo sana mamatay ka na hayup ka"

It is now known if the guy in the video went to jail or even had the punishment he deserved but we all know that karma is about to come. And if the karma won't hit the guy, we home somebody will because this is just sick.

Watch the 30 second video HERE

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