Pro-Abortion watched this video and went SPEECHLESS. Aborted fetus still kicking inside Amniotic Sack!

Abortion has been a very sensitive topic these days and many debates have been spicing up even around the internet.

But what happens when you show a pro-choice(people who are considering abortion as a choice) a video of a fetus still moving, unaware that life is already draining out of her/him.?

When people think logically, it is sometimes the RIGHT choice in some cases to abort a child like if conceiving can be a matter of life and death to the woman. Or if abortion is right as a solution to teenage kids who became pregnant. Or is abortion the answer for the overpopulation in many countries especially in Philippines.

When I was asked whether if I was against abortion or am I not. The answer I gave was "I am not". Cause there are just many cases I can think of that is a forgivable excuse to abort a fetus.

But after watching the said video, I suddenly thought to myself. That's already a life, it's not abortion, it's KILLING. I do not care about making sins or what not but if anyone could abort a child for any selfish reason it will be just so unfair. I believe some people who are afraid of the consequences of having responsibilities from conceiving should not be allowed to abort a child. I saw the video, it was a premature life, few months away from reality but already fighting for its life.

Watch the video and tell me what you guys think

You can watch the video by typing
"15 week old Live baby still in the unbroken amniotic sack."

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  1. 15 week old Live baby still in the unbroken amniotic sack."

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