He cuts a fresh water fish in half and discovers something very ALARMING.

Have you been eating fresh water fish? Did you know they may contain parasitic worms that can be harmful to humans?

A guy made a video to raise awareness on fish parasites.
Whenever we buy fishes from the supermarket or public market, we usually look for the fresh looking ones, and fishes are sold as a whole, but what alarming is, parasites are not visible outside the fish. And some of them get really huge inside.

And what's even more alarming? These parasites (Helminths) are found in thin slices of fillet. Long worm-like parasites can be hard to spot if we don't look thoroughly.

Tho cooking the fish, or boiling it will reduce the risk of parasites, some people serve these fish raw. And this is like ingesting a parasite directly into your intestines.

See for yourselves,
Watch it by clicking HERE

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