Is Kris Aquino the main reason why the country hates Bimby?

We've all seen it. And almost everyone in the country is annoyed by it. Kris Aquino and Bimby news articles.

Bimby has been the favorite subject of internet bullying these past few weeks. Being labeled as "Gay" and being the subject of satirical articles with taboo headlines like "Bimby, tinira sa pwet ni Josh" must be hard for an 8 year old. And Kris Aquino is just too naive to realize that she is one of the main reasons why the poor little fella is being bashed.

Why? When people subscribed to ABS-CBN News facebook page, they are expecting some important news about what's happening on the Philippines and other parts of the world. But the page seems to be flooded by the actress' non-sense life events such as "Bimby bitten by his puppy", "Bimby falls off Segway, inures left ankle".

Kris Aquino letting her private life be over-published is the root cause why her son is getting picked-on on social media. THESE ARE NOT IMPORTANT NEWS. These are just common life events that are not worthy of being posted on a credible news site.

An advice to Kris Aquino, if you really want to do your job as a mother and  want to protect your son from his bashers. Stop over-publishing your son's private life and tell the writers of ABS-CBN News to stop writing articles about what you are posting on instagram. But if you really are enjoying the hate-driven publicity that might give a heavy psychological effect to your son someday, then just keep doing what you are doing.

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