WATCH: Deep Web video leak went VIRAL. What's on the deep web?

Sudden trend about the "Deep Web" has been the hot topic lately.
And curiosity leads to shock when people tried to access it.

Some said that the Deep web contains 97% total of the world wide web, and the 3 percent is the surface web which we can surf and search through google.

It is said that everything can be found in the deep web. Conspiracy Theory, hidden government secrets such as the "New World Order" and the "Illuminati". Drugs, guns, and HITMANS can also be found on the deep web. And other "Nasty" stuff.

The said web can be accessed by using several applications like "Tor" and there is a hidden wiki providing links of the deep web.

One video was uploaded on Facebook dedicated on exposing the secrets of the deep web

To Watch the video CLICK HERE

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  1. That video uploader is probably going to die. lol. :-)