WATCH: Bastos na Pulubi, reason not to help street children

I used to help the children who are in need with any penny I spare. But many people will agree with me that street kids today act like a bunch of hooligans. They don't ask for food anymore, they grab it from your hands. Probably the main reason is they have the mentality that people are not gonna touch and they needed to be understood because of their stand in society.

One time I was eating an ice cream, then a little girl approached me. Asked for the food I was eating, and I solemnly swear that I would give the Ice cream once I've eaten enough, but the girl grabbed the cone from my hand and said "Sige na po"

I was like, "What the hell can I do? You touched it with your greasy f**king hands, You already marked the territory."

Street kids today  don't deserve any help. They abused the sympathy given to them by the public.

A prime example is this kid, CLICK HERE

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