VIRAL VIDEO: Explosion in Tianjin, 50 people confirmed dead

The explosions originated at a warehouse site owned by Tianjin Dongjiang Port Rui Hai International Logistics Co., a company that stores and transports dangerous chemicals.

According to the China Earthquake Networks Center, the explosion is equivalent of 21 metric tons of TNT or a magnitude-2.9 earthquake.

Greenpeace said that  "According to the Tianjin Tanggu Environmental Monitoring Station, hazardous chemicals stored by the company concerned include sodium cyanide (NaCN), toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and calcium carbide (CaC2), all of which pose direct threats to human health on contact. NaCN in particular is highly toxic. Ca (C2) and TDI react violently with water and reactive chemicals, with risk of explosion. This will present a challenge for firefighting and, with rain forecast for tomorrow, is a major hazard,"

There are 1,000 firefighters are still trying to deal with the remaining fires. 200 chemical specialists from the military has been sent with detection devices.

LIKE A NUCLEAR EXPLOSION. The first explosion was already devastating, followed by an even more powerful explosion covered up the skies. The video was uploaded by Ebaumsworld and already it has been shared 700,000 times within 11 hours.

You can watch the video HERE

Source: CNN

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