Santiago to Duterte and Roxas: Sampalan? Kaya walang sumeseryoso sa elections eh

"Sampalan? Kaya walang sumeseryoso sa elections eh. And Filipinos are actually enjoying this? No wonder why this country is going nowhere."

Duterte and Mar Roxas has been the topic recently. From Duterte's accusation that Mar is not a Wharton graduate and to Mar Roxas proving that he really is an alumnus of the said college.

 Duterte threatened Mar that he will slap the DILG if he cannot prove that he is in fact, a Wharton graduate. And Mar rebutted by saying if he cannot prove it, he will let Duterte slap him, but if he proved it to the Davao city mayor, he will be the one to slap Duterte in the face.

With all of these dramas breaking the internet lately, a silent guardian suddenly tweeted her reaction out of nowhere.

The tweet was re-tweeted 40,000 times until it was eventually deleted. Luckily we have saved a screenshot for you to have a glimpse of Miriam's 2 cents. 

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