Duterte: Change NAIA to National Philippine Airport (NPA)

Change is coming, and there are a lot of things people want to change in the country after the Aquino administration. From removing Cory and Ninoy from the 500 dollar bill and change it with lapu-lapu.

But there are allegations that is spreading that Duterte might change Ninoy Aquino International Airport into National Philippine Airport.

The unconfirmed news has gotten positive feedback until somebody realizes that the airport will now be called NPA. It baffled many Filipinos since the abbreviation NPA is also the known as the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines (New People's Army).

Some say that this is the beginning of our country's transition from a democratic country to a communist country. A quote from a facebook post says:

"Ito na, simula na. Tinawag pang National Philippine Airport pero ang totoo gusto lang talaga ni Digong na lalong makilala ang mga NPA!"

But these are still allegations and the Duterte Camp never confirmed anything regarding the renaming of the international Airport.

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  1. isnt it great? kapal naman ng mga muka nang mga aquino'ng yan -.-