Diehard Duterte Supporters are proposing "Mandatory Drug Test to all Duterte Facebook Critics"

As the news about Duterte asking for another 6 months for his battle with drugs and criminality gets controversial, Diehard Duterte Supporters are now proposing other ways to help with determining the people who are using drugs in the Philippines.

According to a post of Mika Ayuson, one of the known leaders of the DDS (Diehard Duterte Supporters), this will help the administration's war on drugs since
"There's only one reason why people could hate Duterte. It's because they are drug users themselves"

This was Mika Ayuson's proposal

"We will list every account who has ever criticize the President's war on drugs"
"We will hire expert hackers to trace dummy accounts used to criticize the President"
"All determined haters shall be tested for drug use"
"This will also help in determining their dealer and the dealer's drug lord"

What are your thoughts about this proposal? Comment your opinions below!

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  1. while i agree with the idea of finding drug users, especially those using shabu or other dangerous drugs, i feel that this is too invasive.

  2. it will be the best move to eradicate the drugs completely