CHED: Mandarin to be part of Elementary, High School and College Curriculum as preparation for PH-CHINA partnership

MANILA, Philippines - The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is pursuing to add Mandarin subject to all levels in preparation to Philippine's future partnership with China.

In a fictional interview with BDSM radio, Chairman Licuanan stated that as early as grade 1, pupils will be trained to communicate with the Chinese. The Commission on Higher Education believes that years from now, Chinese businesses will operate in most part of the country, and it's best for business if the majority of the Population is fluent in Mandarin.

"In a few years, our economy will likely be strengthened by the help of China. Investors are more likely to hire you if you are fluent in Mandarin. Our bosses 5 years from now will all be Chinese, and I think learning Mandarin as soon as possible will bring great benefits to all Filipinos."

The subject also includes the study of Chinese History and etiquette. The etiquette on ownership claims, however, will only be available to military and marine courses.

CHED clarified that the directive will be implemented by 2017. And By 2018, the removal of Filipino subjects from college curriculum will take effect.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. 要是这样的情况这么真的话,啼笑皆非。菲律宾迟早要叫“菲律宾省

  3. I see bullshit everywhere! We are not a frackin chinese colony ffs

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. please have a survey first before implementing it, because there are countries, like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand..... they have already implemented it in their school curriculum for several years, but the result is devastating, only few with Chinese background have mastered it, the rest is BACK TO ZERO. So, why should we go for it ?
    We cannot afford to waste so much money and so much time with this.
    Of course, we can encourage those who like to learn Mandarin which is one of the most difficult language in a special class only. Then, we can produce good quality not the worse quantity !

  5. This is a false information. CHED has no jurisdiction over elementary and high school. It's under DepEd. Take note, it is only FICTIONAL interview.

  6. Mga utu-uto... basahin nyo muna. May nakalagay "FICTIONAL INTERVIEW"... pa-english english pa kayo akala ko matatalino kayo.. Mga utoy naman kayo sa pag-intindi.

  7. You guys don't know how to read... funny english speaking know-it-all..

    Satire News For Your Entertainment. Learn to read, dammit!

  9. Great satire....I hope Rody has a sense of humor.... =)) (h) :>)

  10. Hihihi, I can't imagine how will it be if ever man. It must be fun.