Hostage taker releases child after she says "Don't worry, GOD still loves you."

A horrifying story turned into a lovely one in Thailand, after a man who was involved in a robbery takes a 5 year old as hostage and had a 2 hour standoff with the Police.

34 year old Chao Fah, tried to rob a convenience store on the middle of the day in Bangkok. After taking the money from the cashier, he was spotted by a Police officer with the gun in his hand. The tried to make Chao put his weapon down but Chao quickly grabbed a terrified 5 year old from his mother and points the gun on her head.

5 year old Mary seemed relax even at the peak of the situation. She was seen just hugging the man who was carrying her with one hand. Chao tried to negotiate with the Police to let him drive off safely and he will let go of the girl.

2 hours of negotiation, tears started to burst out of the hostage taker's eyes. He shouted to the police "I SURRENDER!" and slowly lowered his weapon and let the child run off to her mother.

Asked why he suddenly let the hostage go, Chao told the media the most touching story in modern history.

"While I was shouting, I was wondering why the child has been hugging me tightly, not showing any signs of fear. I remember my dead daughter suddenly."

"She then told me that, GOD still loves me. God understands why I have to do this."

"All I remember was feeling ashamed of myself. And wanting to pay for my sins inside the prison."

Reporters said that Chao is willing to change his life if given a chance for another shot in life.

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