Duterte: "Instead of fighting fake news, we should fight ignorance. T---ng Inang #HindiTama Campaign na yan"

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - During a press-conference with a private media in Malacañang Palace, Duterte shed some light on one of the most talked about issues in the country, the issue of Fake news and misinformation.

Our field reporter, got the chance the squeeze in a last question before Duterte ends his press-conference about the US Rifle issue:

TPN: Mr President, what is your opinion regarding the problems with misinformation caused by fake news?

PRD: We do not have a problem with fake news. We have a problem on ignorance and lack of education. P-- ina, if people are smart, or thinking at least, these fake news wouldn't even be a problem at all

TPN: GMA news has a new campaign called #HindiTama which verifies false news on the internet

PRD: You know, not everything is about misinformation. If only people are well-informed, it will be easy for them to know the difference between Fake News that is made to promoted misinformation, satire news that is written to ridicule the ridiculous, and even the difference between reliable and biased source. Hindi na kailangan 'yang mga boycott boycott na P--ang inang 'yan

TPN: So, what are your closing statement regarding this issue, Mr. President.

PRD: It's that, the Philippines doesn't have a crippling problem with fake news. The spread of fake news is just the symptom, the main sickness is the ignorance. Instead of fighting fake news, we should fight ignorance. T---ng Inang #HindiTama Campaign na yan

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